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Macaw Lodge, Carara, Costa Rica

April 19th to 28th, 2024


Utilizing the wisdom of neuroscience and cutting-edge technologies to better understand and connect with ourselves, as well as the world around us. 


Interfacing with the various layers of consciousness to transcend from fragmentation to actualization, and ultimately, illumination.

Leading-Edge Wellness

Refining balance between the intricately interconnected systems of the body, and create unity of mind, body, and spirit through enhanced compassion and loving kindness.

Diversum’s mission is to create an interactive, multidimensional experience where people can explore leading-edge technologies and life-supporting tools and to heal, transform, integrate, and embody all aspects of themselves.

Through this integrated embodiment, you will activate your full spectrum of power, in support of a happier and healthier reality; personally and planetarily. 


Engage with leading-edge and life-supporting technologies, practices, and therapies to promote optimal balance and growth.

Integrate a deeper understanding of neuroscience to illuminate the intricate interconnection between brain, mind, body, and spirit.

Utilize objectively-guided brain imaging tools and teachings to gain insight into how and why you interface with your inner and external worlds in the ways you do.

Weave through the full spectrum of consciousness for a heart-expanded, mind-blowing experience.

Dive into authentic, meaningful connection with others for support, insight, and expression during these challenging, yet exciting times of global awakening.

Enjoy interactive workshops, treatments, daily practices, journeys, adventures, celebrations, and nutrient-dense food.

Play, enjoy, and soak up all the beauty this life has to offer!

Experience Details:

What’s Included

Diversum Retreats are a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You will embark upon a journey rooted and inspired by the fundamentals of nature, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom to promote a life filled with vital energy, regenerative wellness, expansion, unity, and embodied expression.

Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

Enjoy embodied movement each morning with various yoga and meditation classes, including: Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya, Restorative, Tantra, Qi Gong, and Jungle Walking meditations.

Breathwork Ceremony

Together in our breathwork ceremony containers, we create space to allow for the awareness, processing, and expression of emotions, memories, and energies to promote healing and step into our highest actualization.

Sound Healing

Experience deep resonance with the vibration of music and sound as you connect into your body during our sound healing journeys.

Biohacking Technologies

Unlock your highest potential through advanced biohacking technologies such as functional brain imaging, biofeedback, neurofeedback, neurostimulation/pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), SCENAR®  frequency therapy, PSYCH-K® subconscious reprogramming, and neuro-assisted meditation. 

Consciousness Workshops

Gain experience and education with the layers of consciousness in immersive workshops, and learn how to integrate these teachings into your own consciousness exploration and expansion. 

Somatic Healing Classes

Through somatic healing and movement, we can ground into our bodies and connect to the innate technologies present within us, allowing us to find safety and release through physical expression. 

Men's & Women's Circles

When men gather, the world becomes safe. When women gather, the world will heal. By reclaiming and integrating our masculine and feminine polarities, we allow space for deep healing and transformation, both within ourselves and the greater collective.

Ecstatic Dance

Enter into a freeform movement journey within a safe and sacred container to promote freedom of expression and connection with your embodied wisdom.

Nature Reconnection Therapy

By grounding and immersing ourselves in the beauty and energy of the Costa Rican jungle, we charge up our mitochondria while connecting with the natural harmony of Mother Earth.

Pre-Retreat Group Calls and Post-Retreat Integration Calls

Through group call support, you will be armed with the tools to truly make lasting change in your life. Pre-retreat calls will aid you in setting intentions and preparing to enter into this space. Post-retreat integration will involve psychological and somatic processing of the experiences and a successful assimilation of insights into your life for optimal growth and well-being.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Enjoy nutrient-dense, brain-boosting, delicious meals curated by our private Costa Rican chef. These will primarily be plant-based meals, with optional fish and eggs.


Choose from shared or private room options at the majestic eco-resort, Macaw Lodge. Immerse yourself in the Costa Rican jungle and botanical gardens cultivated with love over generations. 

Extras and Add-Ons

Optional private sessions will be offered for deepening into the practices, including but not limited to:


Reiki & Energy Healing

Functional Brain Imaging




Sound Healing


Tension Releasing Exercises 

Not Included:


Transportation to and from the airport


Meet Your Facilitators



Corey is a neuroscientist, functional medicine doctor with a doctorate in medical sciences and natural medicine. He is trained in neuroscience, functional medicine, epigenetics, breathwork, family constellations, trauma, concussive injuries, and plant medicine ceremonies. He’s a patient advocate who will listen to every symptom and concern with the loving compassion of a trusted friend.

Sachiko Kabayama

Sachiko Kabayama

Sachiko guides healing through Neurofeedback, and is a Certified Embodiment Coach, and Reiki Practitioner with a degree in Psychology. Outside of these varied titles, Sachi accesses talents in singing, dancing, playing the ocarina and piano, aerial arts, mixed martial arts, writing, dungeon mastering, improv, authentic relating, existential kink, cooking, building, and creating of any flavor.

Carly Burne

Carly Burne

Carly is a Reiki Master trainer, spiritual guide, and integrative medicine & health coach with a purpose of helping others to step powerfully into their commitment as a heart-centered human of service and tapping into their innate Truth. Her deepest fulfillment rests in guiding women to reclaiming their power through connection to their body, gifts, and divinity by creating a safe, expansive container.

About Macaw Lodge

Resting among the hills and lush forests of Cerros de Turrubares in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, Macaw Lodge is more than an eco-resort. It’s a paradise where you can indulge your passions while discovering the genuine natural wonders of Costa Rica. The 264-acre property features eight acres of cultivated paths where you can wander through the giant black bamboo forest, hike to the waterfall and take a refreshing dip or find solace in the palm forest.

This eco-resort is completely off-the-grid; solar power is used to generate electricity and heat water. Macaw Lodge was created as a model of sustainability where lovers of nature can experience both comfort and harmony with the environment.


**Prices above include 10 days/9 nights stay, and all details listed in the “What’s Included” section above. 


“As a perpetual student, I have had the privilege of being taught by some of the most amazing doctors in the world after graduating from CMCC in 1989. I am grateful and indebted to such mentors as Drs. Jeff Bland, Robert Rakowski, John Brimhall, George Goodheart, Dale Brederson, Jeff Spencer, David Leaf, Ian Horseman, and Mike Leahy, just to name a few.
Most recently, as a results of COVID, I was introduced to Dr. Corey Deacon because of my interest in brain assessment and preventing cognitive decline. Dr. Deacon is the most gifted teacher that I have ever been humbled to be taught and mentored by. At the best of times, studying the brain is a complicated and difficult subject. Dr. Corey’s unique superpower is being able to take these complex concepts of the brain and transform them into meaningful treatment and lifestyle action steps, like I have never seen before. I am so grateful for Dr. Corey and look forward to many years of learning from him.”

– Dr. David W. Harper B.Sc., D.C., F.R.C.C.S.S.

Clinic Director

I have Complex PTSD from childhood trauma.  I’ve seen psychotherapists off and on throughout my life, which taught me some coping skills, but I just couldn’t seem to really make good progress in my healing.  I had even been told that this was just something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life.  After working with Dr. Bell to help me literally “rewire” my brain, I was finally able to break through the wall that was keeping me trapped in my trauma!



Explore, integrate and gain access to leading-edge and vitality-supporting technologies, practices and therapies, while playing and having fun.

Reclaim your health and wellness by empowering yourself. Be inspired and supported by a community of embodied, compassionate people on the personal and collective playground of regeneration.

It’s time to answer the call. Join us for an evolutionary experience.